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About Us

The brand name "Apharsec" – which recalls both the juiciest of summer fruits and the goddess Aphrodite, the Ancient Greek symbol of love and beauty – reflects values of authentic fashion, whilst arousing desire.

At the heart of the brand is an eternal enchantment with arts and crafts, which is expressed in both the graphical language of the brand as well as in the tireless quest for new possibilities of self-expression through fashion. Apharsec products are an opportunity to create a personal touch in an era of endlessly replicated fashion. Fingernail stamps, for instance, similar to tribal art, provide infinite possibilities for bodily decoration, and bags made of rich jacquard cloth make for an individualistic expression that is at the same time a kind of self-aware kitsch, while also being highly romantic.

The tension between the tribal and the nostalgic – both symbols which bring together art that has survived the test of time – is expressed in the Apharsec aesthetic which resonates with echoes from the 1970s and 80s. The designs accentuate the graphic arts both then and now, and are therefore always created in cooperation with artists and artisans.

As distinct from many other fashion brands, Apharsec's aim is not to create a total look, but rather, to provide the means to change that look, every time. Personalisation – leaving one's personal mark in a variety of ways – is a central value of the brand's agenda and informs its aesthetic.

Recognising the fact that style changes constantly, and depends on mood, Apharsec strives to mold unique moments in day-to-day life, using a nail stamp, a bold bag, or hand-crafted jewellery.


Apharsec is The Art of the Beautiful.  


Hila Raanan, Founder